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Day number 49,327,601 with Dad and Josefina in the Catskills. Well, it feels like it's been that long, at least! There's nothing but resorts and mountains around here and Mom would kill me if I go and twist my ankle doing rock climbing or water skiing or, IDK, playing badminton. So, I've spent my free time skyping with Levi. That is when he isn't busy having a legitimate social life of his own.

Apparently, because he exited from our mothers precious womb a grand total of one year and eight months before me, he is classified as an adult and wasn't obligated to take up residence with me for the summer. Bullshit, I know.

Anyway. So, I was skyping with him and he has decided to give me a new nickname. Teflon Girl. Because, you know, nothing sticks to me. Super clever, bro. Okay, okay. So, I broke up with Walker. It was time. Another month and he would've been dedicating his debate speeches in my honor or taking up poetry. So much for a casual summer thing. Levi thinks my dating and breaking up with "half of the upper east side" (his words, not mine) stems from some subconscious commitment issues because our parents are divorced. I told him he needs to stop reading those asinine self help books Mom has lying around. "You and Your Feelings" or "Why You're Feeling What You're Feeling" or "Understanding How You Feel About Your Feelings" or whatever.

Sigh. Only two weeks left at SAB. I think I'm going to celebrate with a John Hughes movie marathon pajama party. Til then, if there are any signs of life left in the inner borough drop me a line. I'll send Percy out to pick you up if necessary. There are only so many rounds of Brick Breaker and Brain Age a girl can play. Hazel? Penelope? Is? Anybody?

Bueller? Bueller?
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