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IMPORTANT! All prospective players and old players must read this!

To everyone, especially new/prospective players...

Thanks for your interest in our game! We're happy to have you around. thegildedage opened early last November as a post season one RPG. That means that our gameplay action began during the summer after the season one finale "Much I Do About Nothing," and it uses the CW's TV show as game canon (i.e. "official" source material accepted as what happened to all characters pre-game). We are now going to pick up in the exact same place (hence our reboot).

See this entry for a set of links to get you started with us.

To old players...

Because we went on a hiatus in mid-January, we squeezed in barely three months of actual game time. Therefore, when this game reopens, we will be operating on REBOOT-MODE. This means that the game is basically starting over.

If there are certain plot points you played out with another player's characters that you want preserved as pre-game, season one action and accepted as part of game canon, comment to this entry with a link to the thread. I will build a roster of game-canon scenes from those comments. All other interactions will be assumed void. (NOTE: don't worry, WE WILL NOT BE DELETING ANYTHING!)
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