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Olive went into early labor. She was eight months along.
Alice Elle Klein was born 26 December, 2010, at 9:43 am Greenwich Mean Time., weighing 3.62873 kg to John and Olive Klein of London, England.

I'm looking at Baby Ally right now. She's in an incubator.
Her toes are so small, I keep counting them over and over again. Her skins is so wrinkled and she's a pinky-redish colour.
She's the cutest thing I've ever seen, my niece is.

Olive is fine, thank God. She's in the hospital bed, John is holding her hand. She's flushed and so happy.

Christmas miracles do exist, after all.


Day number 49,327,601 with Dad and Josefina in the Catskills. Well, it feels like it's been that long, at least! There's nothing but resorts and mountains around here and Mom would kill me if I go and twist my ankle doing rock climbing or water skiing or, IDK, playing badminton. So, I've spent my free time skyping with Levi. That is when he isn't busy having a legitimate social life of his own.

Apparently, because he exited from our mothers precious womb a grand total of one year and eight months before me, he is classified as an adult and wasn't obligated to take up residence with me for the summer. Bullshit, I know.

Anyway. So, I was skyping with him and he has decided to give me a new nickname. Teflon Girl. Because, you know, nothing sticks to me. Super clever, bro. Okay, okay. So, I broke up with Walker. It was time. Another month and he would've been dedicating his debate speeches in my honor or taking up poetry. So much for a casual summer thing. Levi thinks my dating and breaking up with "half of the upper east side" (his words, not mine) stems from some subconscious commitment issues because our parents are divorced. I told him he needs to stop reading those asinine self help books Mom has lying around. "You and Your Feelings" or "Why You're Feeling What You're Feeling" or "Understanding How You Feel About Your Feelings" or whatever.

Sigh. Only two weeks left at SAB. I think I'm going to celebrate with a John Hughes movie marathon pajama party. Til then, if there are any signs of life left in the inner borough drop me a line. I'll send Percy out to pick you up if necessary. There are only so many rounds of Brick Breaker and Brain Age a girl can play. Hazel? Penelope? Is? Anybody?

Bueller? Bueller?
you know you love me


IMPORTANT! All prospective players and old players must read this!

To everyone, especially new/prospective players...

Thanks for your interest in our game! We're happy to have you around. thegildedage opened early last November as a post season one RPG. That means that our gameplay action began during the summer after the season one finale "Much I Do About Nothing," and it uses the CW's TV show as game canon (i.e. "official" source material accepted as what happened to all characters pre-game). We are now going to pick up in the exact same place (hence our reboot).

See this entry for a set of links to get you started with us.

To old players...

Because we went on a hiatus in mid-January, we squeezed in barely three months of actual game time. Therefore, when this game reopens, we will be operating on REBOOT-MODE. This means that the game is basically starting over.

If there are certain plot points you played out with another player's characters that you want preserved as pre-game, season one action and accepted as part of game canon, comment to this entry with a link to the thread. I will build a roster of game-canon scenes from those comments. All other interactions will be assumed void. (NOTE: don't worry, WE WILL NOT BE DELETING ANYTHING!)

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Hey, I'm finally back from my overseas dance competition, thank goodness. I won, thankfully, but I had to spend the rest of my holidays with my family, which was... uhh... interesting. Or not. We spent most of it in some kind of stony silence, pretending like it wasn't the most awkward thing ever. Yeah. Titania spend most of it on her phone and Devon was out with his friends all the time, so I was stuck trying to make conversation. Fun.

Anyway, on college apps, I got accepted into Princeton and NYU, and my Columbia application is deferred. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Princeton, but still.
the gang altogether

Re: new members

Several new members have just been added to this community without character journals. To clarify this, I'd just like to say the following:

In the past, we didn't accept personal journals as members of the game, but we'll start to allow a "touring period" for people to join thegildedage with personal journals to look around posts and get a feel for how the game works. Then, after a period of a week or so, if they decide to apply for a character, they can do so, and their personal journal will then be removed from the community member and replaced with their new character journal.

All clear? I didn't want anyone to be confused as to what's going on. :)

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask!


I love shopping and everything, but trying things on can be so tedious and boring. We finished going through my haul from Bendel's a few days ago. I think I kept half of the selection, including one or two fancy dresses, just in case. Constance Billard sounds like the kind of school to throw a formal party - I don't want to be unprepared.

Jennifer is wrapping the rejects back in their tissue paper. I'm glad I have someone to do that for me. I'm supposed to be planning my outfit for Monday but I just... I can't. This Gossip Girl thing, I'm conflicted. I'm not one of those Queen Bee girls (I'd rather spend my time on my academics), and I don't need the drama, but it was nice being mentioned in today's blast, even if it was anonymous.